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Although for all intents and purposes, the DMCA was a great act that was passed in the US. It protects content creators from plagiarists and others who want to copy their content without compensation. Who can be against it?

Why ignore DMCA hosting?

Unfortunately, just as plagiarists and other copyright and rights infringers take advantage of content creators, content creator competitors as well as other nefarious entities on the internet may try to take advantage of DMCA laws and hosting companies that are either too willful or just don’t. I don’t want to fiddle around with a DMCA takedown notice to remove competitor content.

Basically, if you want to avoid unreasonable Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices that are unwanted and unbiased, then DMCA Bypass Hosting is for you.

You see many competitors will simply send a DMCA takedown notice to your web hosting provider, knowing that many of them will simply shut down your entire website until you resolve it.

You either have to prove to your web hosting provider that the DMCA takedown notice is unreasonable, or they may not bring your website back online.

Many DMCA takedown notices are actually unfounded and can be proven.

However, this can take quite a long time, or at the very least, you will experience unnecessary downtime for your website, which can cost you money or Google rankings if that website is taken off the internet for too long.


  • Full protection against illegal use of DMCA claims;
  • Close legally more difficult due to offshore jurisdiction;
  • Copyright claims must meet a fairly large number of requirements;
  • High performance cPanel anonymous hosting.

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From a technical standpoint, offers 1 Tbps of IP traffic. Large selection of multiple data centers. Various uplinks and peerings. Software for automatic route optimization. Excellent connectivity to the EU. They were created to get network routes with the lowest delays and zero losses. Major IPTV streaming projects and adult sites are welcome!


Whether you are facing illegal legal abuse, volumetric DDoS attacks, or hardware/software failures, we are always on your side and in your best interest! Your privacy is our 100% priority – no personal information is required while bitcoin payments are accepted. Your data is highly protected and stored on our privately owned facilities located in certified secure offshore data centers.


Our own technical support service is available literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is important to note that only these highly qualified employees have access to the equipment and the network. Meanwhile, friendly and proactive customer support team will help you with any web hosting related issues, always striving to keep your query response time under 15 minutes. Last but not least, our sales team is always available to chat, ready to discuss any questions or provide customized solutions.

Choose Your DMCA ignored Hosting

If you post content that many consider to be politically incorrect or controversial content and you want your website to remain anonymous and also to protect yourself from those who would like your content to be removed from the Internet and prevent you from to enjoy your freedom of speech rights even in a country where freedom of speech is supposedly protected, then ignoring the DMCA hosting is for you.

Finally, if your website has been taken down due to an unreasonable DMCA takedown notice from one of your competitors, then you may also want to consider moving your website to a DMCA-ignored hosting provider located in a country that does not qualify. such frivolous DMCAs remove notices without delay.

LiteSpeed Hosting with DMCA ignored

DMCA ignored tariff plans ~ 

Dedicated Servers & DMCA ignored

VPS Hosting DMCA ignored Plans

DMCA Ignored Hosting is the best option for those who want to host Copyright Content, Movies, or anything except Child Pornography. SEO friendly & Optimized for your Scripts like WordPress, PHP & others.

AlexHost.CO.UK – Best NEW DMCA Ignored Host

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